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sk8 Lewisham

The Future


The Plan

Ok, so this is what the LSP is all about. Our aim, at the end of the project is to have a skatepark built in the lewisham area. The most probable senario is that it will have to be indors ( Crappy English Weather! ) and run like a private skate park. We propose to make people join as a member for the anual fee of about five pounds. That would hopefully cover the cost of maintaining and improving the park. After that, the park is free to ride for the rest of the year ( obviously inkeeping with the times and rules ). Our first ideas for the park is to have it mixed - a begginers area, higher level area and a mini ramp. The bulk of the park will focus on street and will hopefully consist of funboxes, grindpoles, flatbanks and and quarters.
     Obviously, standard of the park relies on the amount of money raised by the project. We will be writting to the Sports Lottery Fund, local bussinesses and the local council to ask for funding aswell as many fundraising events which are being planned. Also we will be looking to find a site for the skatepark, we have a few ideas but we dont know how much it would cost or if the site is free. If anyone has any ideas or better still, an actual site, please email Henry at
If all goes well, in a a year or so we should have a brand new park looking ( we hope ) something along the lines of this...................